Elevate your Pastor’s sermon

Automatically train a chatbot from a youtube video of your church service, and make resources for your church beyond Sunday morning.


Repurpose your sermons

Automatically create resources for your church from just a single youtube video of your church service, or from a manuscript of your sermon.


Summarize the sermon for your youtube description with timestamps (example)


Get video clips of the best sermon quotes to share on social media (example)


Sermon-based devotional with Scripture reading and reflection (example)

Discussion questions

Sermon-based Bible study guides for small group discussions (example)

Resources on Mondays

New sermon-based resources automatically emailed to you every Monday

Manuscript uploads

Upload your sermon manuscript and create resources before Sunday service


Options for any church

We also have enterprise level plans available for customizations and higher message quotas. Email us at help@pastors.ai to set up a call


$20 /month

50 resources/month

  • Summaries, quotes, devotionals, discussion guides, transcripts from videos or manuscripts
  • Video clips of the best sermon quotes
  • Create resources from sermon manuscripts before Sundays
  • Ask questions to chatbots of famous pastors

$40 /month

100 resources/month

  • Get emailed every Monday with resources automatically created from prior Sunday’s sermon
  • 2 licenses for staff
  • Email and zoom support


$100 /month

500 resources/month

  • 5 licenses for staff and lay leaders
  • Custom chatbot trained on entire youtube channel and church website
  • Chat widget on your website (example)
  • Weekly report on user questions/answers

Church chatbots

Ask these pastors anything

The Church plan allows you to make a chatbot trained on your entire youtube channel and website, which you can embed on your website


Make a free chatbot

Just enter a Youtube URL of your church service. You’ll get a custom chatbot that creates resources based on the sermon portion.