Elevate your Pastor’s sermon

Automatically train a chatbot from a youtube video of your church service, and make resources for your church beyond Sunday morning.


Repurpose your sermons

Automatically create resources for your church from just a single youtube video of your church service, or from a manuscript of your sermon.


Summarize the sermon for your youtube description with timestamps (example)


Get video clips of the best sermon quotes to share on social media (example)


Sermon-based devotional with Scripture reading and reflection (example)

Discussion questions

Sermon-based Bible study guides for small group discussions (example)

Resources on Mondays

New sermon-based resources automatically emailed to you every Monday

Manuscript uploads

Upload your sermon manuscript and create resources before Sunday service


Options for any church

All plans are month-to-month and can be canceled anytime


$20 /month

5 sermon chatbots per month

  • Summaries, quotes, devotionals, discussion guides, transcripts from videos or manuscripts
  • Video clips of the best sermon quotes to post on social media
  • Create resources from sermon manuscripts before Sundays

$50 /month

10 sermon chatbots per month

  • Sermon chatbots automatically created from your Youtube channel on Sundays, and resources emailed to church staff on Mondays
  • Up to 5 staff members get emailed on Mondays


$200 /month

Custom ChatGPT for your website

  • Custom chatbot trained on entire youtube channel and church website
  • Chat widget on your website (example)
  • Your preferred Bible translation for passages
  • Weekly report on user questions/answers
  • Customer support via zoom

Church chatbots

Ask these pastors anything

The Congregation plan allows you to make a chatbot trained on your entire youtube channel and website, which you can embed on your website


Make a free chatbot

Just enter a Youtube URL of your church service. You’ll get a custom chatbot that creates resources based on the sermon portion.